Friday, May 4, 2012

Oregano – the pasta and pizza herb – is killing prostate cancer cells

This message I`ve found on the internet: 

“Oregano – the herb used in pasta and pizzas – kills prostate cancer cells .   The results are so exciting that researchers hope that the 'super herb' will become a standard treatment – and one without side effects.
Carvacrol, a constituent of oregano, is causing apoptosis – or cell death – in prostate cancer cells in laboratory tests being carried out by researchers from Long Island University.
Their results mirror earlier studies that had discovered that pizza seems to reduce cancer risk, but now the new research suggests why it has such a positive effect. Initially, researchers believed that lycopene, which is found in the tomato sauce covering on pizzas, had anti-cancer qualities.  The Long Island researchers say that oregano and lycopene could be working synergistically to kill cancer cells. 
What is clear is no damaging side effects as the current therapies of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. (Source: The Experimental Biology 2012 conference, April 24, 2012)."

 Wow, What`s a relief! I love pizza very much and every my visit to New York City I take it two-three slices at least, which, everybody knows, is better in NYC then in Italy! 

However, I have a question to the researches from LI University (I didn’t find the proceeding of this conference yet): How much pizza one should eat, and how much weight he could gain, to defeat a prostate cancer? 
 I think here we can clearly see a deficiency in MD education in the United States. Essential Oils course is mandatory In France Medical schools, optional in UK, and prohibited in US. Otherwise, LIU searches could open a guide a “Modern Essentials, A contemporary guide”, 3rd edition; page 63, and find in Chemical constituents for Oregano: carvacrol(<75%). On the next page one may find that Oregano oil also inhibits MRSA, kills STAF, E-coli, and other bacteria. Its antifungal and antiviral properties are also well-known. 
So, for all men, suffering from prostate cancer, in addition to “Pizza therapy”, I would suggest to use the essential oil therapy. Oregano could be administered topically or internally (in capsules), and could be complemented with Frankincense oil, which also possesses strong anticancer properties. Wild Orange and Grapefruit essential oils could be source of Lycopene.   If you need more information about Oregano and other essential oils feel free contact AIHD office at (908) 938-3145, or by mail

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